Site Talk

The Suir Way To Developing Employee Brand Evangalists

September 10, 2021

On this week's episode of Site Talk, Lynn and Tiffany are joined by David Phelan, Business Development Director of Suir Engineering, to mark International Suicide Awareness Day.

Suir Engineernig has taken an authentic and genuine approach to their people, which has spread throughout the organisation and to new clients. David discusses Suir's investment in their people and how people are at the heart of everything they do as a company and why Suir Wellbeing is so important to him personally. David also takes us through the development of Suir Wellbeing, a dedicated department and initiative set up for Suir employees to proactively monitor and look after each other through the estbalishment of a team of mental health first aiders, phone free friday, o'hana suicide awareness training and more as part of this industry leading commitment to employee wellbeing.

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